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Buying artwork in general, can be an extremely expensive hobby, especially if you turn out to be a collector. After some time, you will realize that to complete a collection of a certain kind, you will need to do a lot of searching and you might not always be happy with the deals you are getting, but in order to stay true to your collection, you will eventually have to set aside a pretty penny to have a complete one. Buying copies and ‘similar’ looking works of art might be satisfying if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing product with a smaller price tag attached to it, but nothing beats the real thing.

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Believe it or not they are actually very valuable

When setting out to buy prints, a beginner buyer might always think ‘What’s the point of buying a copy of someone’s work and paying a lot for it?’ The truth is, even though, in essence, prints original prints for sale, are copies of an artist’s work, it’s not like someone randomly took it and copied it for their own profit. Most of the times, these prints were actually a part of a solid deal between the artist and a publishing/printing company. In some instances, the artist requested to have these prints made throughout the different parts of the creation process, for a unique, standalone print that would ultimately end up being more valuable than the piece of work itself.

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Beware of all sorts of scams out there

When looking for original prints for sale, it’s important to know that right off the bat, you are going to be asked for a lot of money in return. Be very careful about how and who you contact to buy one of these as you can easily be scammed and ripped of very badly. As sad as it might seem, scams in terms of purchasing artwork are very common and sometimes they can be executed to such of painfully accurate level that you will absolutely not be able to tell the copy of art from the original, so don’t get fooled by a fancy certificates of authenticity or any documents that the seller might provide as to try and convince you that what you’re buying is 100% the original and not a copy.

The longer you hold onto it the more it’s worth

Originals might be a whole lot more expensive to shop for, but you have to counter in the fact that even though these are print copies, they are also often limited-edition, which means that at some point there will be no more copies to buy, making the owners of any said copy, especially the ones by world-class artists, practically rich. Even if you bought a piece of indie artwork that was created by not so famous artists, if you let enough time pass by, even these pieces are going to gain in value and you will eventually be able to sell them back for a pretty good profit.